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  • Nota Settimanale – Mercati 06 05 2016 by Notz Stucki, May 6 2016

    Please check the latest weekly notes directly from our Milan branch / Di seguito l’ultima nota settimanale del nostro ufficio di Milano. Mercati nota settimanale – 06 05 2016 Panoramica macro Guerra valutaria in corso: dollaro contro tutti Cina: montagna di sofferenze da gestire  Inflazione mondiale: se aumentasse? read more

  • Franck Muller & Notz Stucki au Laténium, Neuchâtel by Marie-Caroline Fonta, May 6 2016

    In early May 2016, Franck Muller and Notz Stucki had the pleasure to present their fund on the thematic of luxury investing. The event took place in a splendid site on the shore of Neuchâtel’s lake, “the Laténium”. Largest archaeology museum in Switzerland, it covers thousands of years of local history from the Neanderthal man. […] read more

  • Perception vs. Reality: Hedge Funds – Bad results, but neutral on a risk-adjusted basis. by Angel Sanz, May 3 2016

    Daniel Kahneman, the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2002, wrote a best-selling book entitled “Thinking, Fast and Slow”. The central thesis of the book is that human beings have two modes of thought: System 1: Fast, instinctive and emotional;  System 2: Slow, deliberative and logical. We can say that System 1 resembles  the PERCEPTION, […] read more

  • Chart of the month: May Edition by Sébastien Poiret, May 2 2016

    WHY IS ACTIVE MANAGEMENT UNDERPERFORMING THIS YEAR? 2016 has so far been a difficult year for active managers (long only stock-pickers and hedge fund long/short equity managers). If we take the US equity markets as the main proxy we see that the MSCI USA Index is up just +1.3% for the year. It does not […] read more