August 2016 - NScope archives

  • Nota Settimanale – Mercati 26 08 2016 by Notz Stucki, Aug 26 2016

    Please check the latest weekly notes directly from our Milan branch / Di seguito l’ultima nota settimanale del nostro ufficio di Milano. Mercati nota settimanale – 26 08 2016 Panoramica macro PMI eurozona in rialzo Cina: politica monetaria «in letargo» Emerging markets: rischio o opportunità read more

  • Perception vs. Reality: Are Equity Emerging Markets linked to Commodities? No. by Angel Sanz, Aug 22 2016

    Daniel Kahneman, the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2002, wrote a best-selling book entitled “Thinking, Fast and Slow”. The central thesis of the book is that human beings have two modes of thought: System 1: Fast, instinctive and emotional;  System 2: Slow, deliberative and logical. We can say that System 1 resembles  the PERCEPTION, […] read more

  • Sector performance and bond yields: an interview with Dukascopy TV
    Sector performance and bond yields: an interview with Dukascopy TV by Notz Stucki, Aug 2 2016

    Defensive equities have behaved like long term Government bonds: US 30 year Treasury has returned almost 20% this year, in line with the performance of Utilities or Telecom Services. Click here to watch Pierre Mouton discussing sector performance and bond yields on Dukascopy TV.   You can find all Notz Stucki videos on our Youtube […] read more

  • Bond Equity Volatility
    Chart of the Month: What is it good for? by Pierre Mouton, Aug 2 2016

    What is it good for? Nothing! What is Japan’s desperate effort to lower its currency good for? Well when having a look at the chart below the answer is clear: nothing!  Japan’s central bank has increased its balance sheet by 20% just for 2016 so far, and the result is pretty surprising because during the same […] read more