December 2016 - NScope archives

  • Happy 1st Anniversary DGC Notz Stucki Raymond James Strong Buy Selection by Pierre Mouton, Dec 23 2016

    DGC NOTZ STUCKI RAYMOND JAMES STRONG BUY SELECTION’S ASSETS CLIMB ABOVE € 50 MILLION FOR ITS FIRST ANNIVERSARY The fund exhibits a 19.14% performance since the beginning of the year What are the origins of this blockbuster? After a setup of several months, a partnership was created between Notz Stucki Group, one of the largest independent asset […] read more

  • Happy 2nd Anniversary DGC Franck Muller Luxury Fund ! by Marie-Caroline Fonta, Dec 22 2016

    DGC Franck Muller Luxury Fund passe la barre des 30 millions d’euros pour ses 2 ans Le fonds affiche une performance de 7.31% depuis le début de l’année Qu’est-ce qui nous différencie de nos pairs ? Le partenariat Le fonds DGC Franck Muller Luxury Fund a été lancé à l’initiative de deux sociétés ayant des activités […] read more

  • The Benefits of Investing in Renewable Energy Assets by James von Claer, Dec 5 2016

    Experience has taught Notz Stucki to pay as much attention to the individual as to the quantitative side of portfolio manager selection, which is part of the legacy of its founders, Beat Notz and Dr Christian Stucki. This approach has enabled the firm to secure exposure to a new generation of highly-skilled PMs coming from […] read more

  • Chart of the Month: 1986 – 2016 « LIVE TO TELL » (MADONNA) by Pierre Mouton, Dec 1 2016

    1986 – 2016. « LIVE TO TELL » (MADONNA) In 1986 Madonna was singing a very nice song titled « Live to Tell » which rapidly became a hit. Although the song was by no means a reference to financial markets, it’s easy to extrapolate with the title and imagine the great singer wondering what […] read more