July 2017 - NScope archives

  • Maecenas blockchain art platform
    The art market on the brink of a revolution: DXMarkets launches blockchain platform Maecenas by Amelie Janssens, Jul 26 2017

    With its blockchain platform Maecenas, DXMarkets puts the art market on the brink of a revolution. DXMarkets was one the start-ups which participated in Fusion’s first acceleration program back in early 2016. Its COO, Miguel Neumann, had explained how blockchain would facilitate illiquid portfolio management during Notz Stucki’s January 2016 investment conference… Well, little more […] read more

  • Chart of the Month – Low volatility does not mean low risk! by Cedric Dingens, Jul 7 2017

    Low volatility does not mean low risk! In an environment characterized but high political and policy risk, low levels of market volatility seem paradoxical. Volatility expectations for stocks and bonds have sunk to levels not seen since 1990. The VIX Index, which reflects a market estimate of future equity volatility, traded below the psychological level […] read more

  • Investment Outlook Q3 2017 by James Macpherson, Jul 6 2017

    Notz Stucki has just released its investment outlook for the third quarter of 2017. “The reduction of interest rates below their natural levels has poisoned the river at its source, and nobody knows whether the water is fit to drink.” Jonathan Ruffer   The markets performed well in the second quarter propelled by the reassuring election […] read more