Articles written by Marie-Caroline Fonta

  • Chart of the Month – US Budget Deficit by Marie-Caroline Fonta, Mar 1 2018

    US Budget Deficit The chart above shows the 2018 U.S. Budget Deficit reflected as a percentage of GDP. U.S. Budget has been negative for several years; compared to history this level is not so surprising but the economic context today is quite different. We are now in the ninth consecutive year of economic recovery. It […] read more

  • LUXE : un investissement attractif ? by Marie-Caroline Fonta, Dec 12 2017

    Le LUXE inspire et invite aux rêves. Ce secteur propose, entre autres, des sociétés saines, de qualité avec de belles perspectives de croissance et de renouvellement. Pour fêter les 3 ans du fonds DGC Franck Muller Luxury Fund, l’équipe de gestion nous livre son analyse du secteur.   DGC Franck Muller Luxury Fund a doublé […] read more

  • Chart of the Month – Looking for an Investment Opportunity? Think Luxury! by Marie-Caroline Fonta, Feb 3 2017

    LOOKING FOR AN INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY? THINK LUXURY! In Geneva, January is synonymous with fine watchmaking, an opportunity for brands to present new watch models and innovations.  The SIHH just closed its doors, let’s take a moment and talk a little bit about the great potential we see in Luxury. The chart above compares total returns […] read more

  • Happy 2nd Anniversary DGC Franck Muller Luxury Fund ! by Marie-Caroline Fonta, Dec 22 2016

    DGC Franck Muller Luxury Fund passe la barre des 30 millions d’euros pour ses 2 ans Le fonds affiche une performance de 7.31% depuis le début de l’année Qu’est-ce qui nous différencie de nos pairs ? Le partenariat Le fonds DGC Franck Muller Luxury Fund a été lancé à l’initiative de deux sociétés ayant des activités […] read more

  • Franck Muller & Notz Stucki au Laténium, Neuchâtel by Marie-Caroline Fonta, May 6 2016

    In early May 2016, Franck Muller and Notz Stucki had the pleasure to present their fund on the thematic of luxury investing. The event took place in a splendid site on the shore of Neuchâtel’s lake, “the Laténium”. Largest archaeology museum in Switzerland, it covers thousands of years of local history from the Neanderthal man. […] read more

  • Morat-Fribourg 2015 by Marie-Caroline Fonta, Oct 30 2015

    A perfect day to share a great human experience, hats off to their sporting dedication! We are proud to present you a small part of our running team read more