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    Notz Stucki Investment Meeting – Notes 11 04 2017 by James Macpherson, Apr 12 2017

    Over the past year world economic growth has been stronger than expected, for several reasons. First China’s growth has been solid. Instead of imploding the industrial side of the economy bounced back in 2016 in response to the policy measures of a year ago. Growth in China may fade a bit this year as the […] read more

  • Investment Outlook
    Investment Outlook Q2 2017 by James Macpherson, Apr 6 2017

    Notz Stucki has just released its investment outlook for the second quarter of 2017. The first quarter was considerably calmer than that of 2016. On the political front the Dutch election was won by the sitting Prime Minister, which marked a break of a string of losses by incumbents in recent major elections. With predictions for […] read more

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    Planet of Finance revitalises flat wealth management space with 3D marketplace by Notz Stucki, Apr 3 2017

    Planet of Finance, the world’s largest online community dedicated to the wealth management industry, has annouced the launch of Planet of Finance 3D, a unique marketplace connecting wealth managers with investors and peers. For investors, it’s a powerful free tool to connect with wealth managers and financial advisors 24/7. Investors can approach and speak with […] read more

  • Yogi Berra Chart of the month
    Chart of the Month – CAPE–ability in question by Pierre Mouton, Apr 3 2017

    CAPE–ability in question « In theory there’s not much difference between practice and theory – but in practice, there is. » Yogi Berra. More and more warnings are being sent about the unsustainability of the current CAPE ratio for the SP500 and that a correction should occur, based on the very high level of the […] read more

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    Confronting perceptions by Yannick Enry, Mar 31 2017

    Antonio and I had the pleasure to give a lecture to HEC 3rd year students on March 29th. We presented our views of the different challenges affecting our industry with a focus on the digital trends. In order to compare Millenials and investment professionals’ perception, we decided to do a live survey on snapchat (a […] read more

  • podcast
    Pierre Mouton: UK Equity Market Is Wide And Deep by Notz Stucki, Mar 31 2017

    Bloomberg – Despite Article 50 being triggered, there are opportunities in UK equities, says Pierre Mouton, head of long-only strategies at Notz Stucki. He also told Daybreak Europe’s Caroline Hepker and Markus Karlsson that he expects financials to recover across Europe, which will be a welcome change for markets. This is a Bloomberg podcast. To […] read more

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    Perception vs. Reality: Are (more business friendly) Republican Presidents better for the Equity Market? by Angel Sanz, Mar 10 2017

    Daniel Kahneman, the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2002, wrote a best-selling book entitled “Thinking, Fast and Slow”. The central thesis of the book is that human beings have two modes of thought: System 1: Fast, instinctive and emotional;  System 2: Slow, deliberative and logical. We can say that System 1 resembles  the PERCEPTION, […] read more

  • Source: Goldman Sachs
    Chart of the Month – Active management is back but beware of the next equity sector rotation! by Sébastien Poiret, Mar 2 2017

    Active Management is back but beware of the next equity sector rotation! After a tough 2016, active managers (long-only stock pickers and hedge funds) are back in business and outperform their benchmark since November of last year. This is due to two main reasons: Number 1: Sector and stock correlation have come down to levels […] read more

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    Watch & Jewelry Market Insight by Notz Stucki, Feb 23 2017

    Luxury Market Pulse The global luxury market confirmed its low single-digit growth, however the hard luxury sector recorded another negative month. Holiday sales were mixed, as entry-price (< $1,000) watches & jewelry performed better than previous months, brands benefitting from this trend were value-for-money companies such as Movado, Fossil, Dinh Van or Signet Jewelers. High-End […] read more

  • Opalesque 2017
    Swiss investors turn to alternatives to find the right balance between passive and active investing – Opalesque Geneva Roundtable by Hilmi Unver, Feb 6 2017

    Given the less attractive outlook on most traditional “pure beta” asset classes and investment styles, hedge funds and alternative investments are regaining interest from Swiss investors: pensions, banks, independent asset managers and private clients. Risk premia become increasingly tight, and with that the risk of a correction increases. The need for diversification is high. Swiss […] read more