Investment news

  • Confronting perceptions by Yannick Enry, Mar 31 2017

    Antonio and I had the pleasure to give a lecture to HEC 3rd year students on March 29th. We presented our views of the different challenges affecting our industry with a focus on the digital trends. In order to compare Millenials and investment professionals’ perception, we decided to do a live survey on snapchat (a […] read more

  • IFSA Event : Geneva students are hungry and getting prepared to face the challenges ! by Antonio Mira, Nov 25 2016

    Geneva students are hungry and getting prepared to face the challenges ! How do the students perceive the new reality that will emerge from all the challenges affecting our financial industry ? How is tomorrow’s workforce considering the future of our country and financial place ? On November 24, I had the pleasure to animate […] read more

  • Marie Caroline Fonta trail
    Verbier – Saint Bernard @TVSB2016 Traversée by Notz Stucki, Jul 22 2016

    We want to send our sincere congratulations to our colleague Marie-Caroline Fonta who successfully finished a highly demanding race: the famous Verbier – Saint Bernard Traversée of 61km and 4’100m of positive ascent. The now well known Traversée starts off with a 4,300ft ascent to reach the “col de Fenêtre” (2’698m) . Then the runners continue […] read more

  • Meeting tomorrow’s bankers @UNIL by Antonio Mira, May 24 2016

    On May 12, 2016, I have been invited by Professor Amit Goyal to participate and animate a course for future bankers within the financial market cursus (3rd year bachelor) at Unil (University of Lausanne). I met approximately 50 students to whom I presented the key challenges that our industry is currently facing, how a market […] read more

  • My first “Patrouille des Glaciers” by Romain Pidoux, May 13 2016

    On April 20th I had the opportunity to participate to the “Patrouille des Glaciers” (PDG). This ski mountaineering race by team, founded in 1943, is organized every two years by the Swiss army and is open to military and civilian: the patrols. It takes place on the alpine ridges south of the Valais state, between […] read more

  • Is Notz Stucki the standard financial company? by Irene Olivet-Mircea, Mar 7 2016

    Brett Steenbarger wrote in Forbes Investing that in most of his workshops dealing with money management professionals, the ratio of attendees is around 20 men to 1 woman. Wow! This can also be applied to other fields of management, even if to a lesser extent. The attendance to our bi-annual investment conferences tends to prove […] read more

  • 1964 – 2014: When Notz Stucki turns 50! by Amelie Janssens, Jan 1 2016

    On a nice sunny day in June 2014, Notz Stucki gathered all its teams to celebrate its 50th anniversary. read more

  • Morat-Fribourg 2015 by Marie-Caroline Fonta, Oct 30 2015

    A perfect day to share a great human experience, hats off to their sporting dedication! We are proud to present you a small part of our running team read more