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  • Chart of the Month – What’s going on? by Pierre Mouton, Dec 1 2017

    What’s going on?   The US yield curve is flattening at a steady pace. One of the most followed indicators, the 2-10 year differential, has more than halved since the beginning of the year, from 125 basis points to less than 60 bps today. Traditionally, a flattening yield curve is a warning signal for lower […] read more

  • Notz Stucki Investment Meeting – Notes 11 04 2017 by James Macpherson, Apr 12 2017

    Over the past year world economic growth has been stronger than expected, for several reasons. First China’s growth has been solid. Instead of imploding the industrial side of the economy bounced back in 2016 in response to the policy measures of a year ago. Growth in China may fade a bit this year as the […] read more

  • Chart of the month: May Edition by Sébastien Poiret, May 2 2016

    WHY IS ACTIVE MANAGEMENT UNDERPERFORMING THIS YEAR? 2016 has so far been a difficult year for active managers (long only stock-pickers and hedge fund long/short equity managers). If we take the US equity markets as the main proxy we see that the MSCI USA Index is up just +1.3% for the year. It does not […] read more