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  • Market Research on Watches by Martin Frenette, May 12 2016

    Since the dawn of humanity, we’ve been fascinated with time. For our Neolithic ancestors who built Stonehenge by carrying 30 ton monoliths for hundreds of miles and assembling them in a semi-circle, it was actually a matter of life and death. Having the ability to tell with infinite precision the time of both summer and […] read more

  • Franck Muller & Notz Stucki au Laténium, Neuchâtel by Marie-Caroline Fonta, May 6 2016

    In early May 2016, Franck Muller and Notz Stucki had the pleasure to present their fund on the thematic of luxury investing. The event took place in a splendid site on the shore of Neuchâtel’s lake, “the Laténium”. Largest archaeology museum in Switzerland, it covers thousands of years of local history from the Neanderthal man. […] read more