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  • Notz Stucki Investment Conference Notes 09 01 2018 by James Macpherson, Jan 10 2018

    Notz Stucki Investment Conference Notes Most financial markets were strong in 2017, adding to what has been a strong decade. This begs the question of how long it can continue. Since the crisis only commodities have performed poorly. Equities have continued to defy the sceptics, in particular the US, and within that market technology has […] read more

  • Notz Stucki Investment Conference – Notes 27 06 2017 by James Macpherson, Jun 29 2017

    So far this year the optimists have been proven right, as stock markets have advanced steadily. This is supported by evidence that the world economy is in better shape, and is in a more predictable and sustainable condition than it has been for ten years. While this has been increasingly evident in economic statistics over […] read more