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  • Confronting perceptions by Yannick Enry, Mar 31 2017

    Antonio and I had the pleasure to give a lecture to HEC 3rd year students on March 29th. We presented our views of the different challenges affecting our industry with a focus on the digital trends. In order to compare Millenials and investment professionals’ perception, we decided to do a live survey on snapchat (a […] read more

  • Andurand Capital @ Notz Stucki conference on 28 June 2016 by Martin Frenette, Jun 30 2016

    « Trading floors the world over are littered with the bodies of those who tried to trade energy futures » the saying goes. I’ve heard it used recently regarding those who tried to short JGBs but most traders in the oil & gas business would agree. Remember Brian Hunter of Amaranth fame who blew up […] read more

  • My first “Patrouille des Glaciers” by Romain Pidoux, May 13 2016

    On April 20th I had the opportunity to participate to the “Patrouille des Glaciers” (PDG). This ski mountaineering race by team, founded in 1943, is organized every two years by the Swiss army and is open to military and civilian: the patrols. It takes place on the alpine ridges south of the Valais state, between […] read more

  • The first #messwithemg event in collaboration with Notz,Stucki &Cie by Notz Stucki, May 12 2016

    The first #messwithemg event (Meet.Engage.Socialize.Series) took place this evening in Geneva. The Geneva private wealth community gathered at our offices for another very successful event co-hosted by Notz,Stucki & Cie. Cédric Dingens Head of Risk Management & Partner started the proceedings by introducing Notz, Stucki & Cie. Founded in 1964, the Notz Stucki Group is […] read more

  • Notz Stucki – Over 50 years of success by Notz Stucki, May 10 2016

    A clear picture of the various steps taken by Notz Stucki Group and Notz Stucki Europe over the past years, and the importance of some of our strategic partnerships: Paperjam – Over 50 years of success Article published by Paperjam, May 2016. read more

  • Is Notz Stucki the standard financial company? by Irene Olivet-Mircea, Mar 7 2016

    Brett Steenbarger wrote in Forbes Investing that in most of his workshops dealing with money management professionals, the ratio of attendees is around 20 men to 1 woman. Wow! This can also be applied to other fields of management, even if to a lesser extent. The attendance to our bi-annual investment conferences tends to prove […] read more

  • 1964 – 2014: When Notz Stucki turns 50! by Amelie Janssens, Jan 1 2016

    On a nice sunny day in June 2014, Notz Stucki gathered all its teams to celebrate its 50th anniversary. read more